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Pain Point

What and who you surround yourself with is critical to achieving great success


Use actionable tips and tricks you’ll learn from real industry leaders on how to think, act, and speak big to transform yourself from a dreamer into a leader

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Founder of Waterlight Films

About Melody:

Melody started as flight attendant and worked her way up in the entrepreneurial ladder.
As a fashion trendsetter, she owns several patents for the world’s first retractable high heels and is the founder and CEO of Runway heels.She is also part of the FORBES Los Angeles Business Council.

As an entrepreneur, she has a diversified portfolio of successful ventures ranging from rental properties, facility for elder care and a multi-awarded insurance agency in Hollywood area, Los Angeles County,

Melody is an avid learner and believe that to be relevant and to keep growing, one has to continuously strive to better oneself and be ready to  reinvent oneself if needed.

She also believes that true wealth is not measured in money or status. But through the legacy we leave behind that better humanity and future generation to come.

As the host of this podcast, she will aim for extracting  authenticity from our guest’s story. And will navigate each episode with guiding belief that together we can inspire greatness within and in others.