Need Money fast? Here Are 3 Online Businesses to Start with Complete Step-by-step Guide

1. Dropshipping(see complete step-by-step guide
on next pages)

“Coronavirus fears may drive U.S. ecommerce sales
beyond 2020 projections.” – Shelley E. Kohan,
Business Strategist Professor

2. Online Tutoring and Teaching(see complete
step-by-step guide on next pages)1.7 billion
learners are forced out of schools globally and many
are switching to online.

3. Start a Freelancing Career(see complete step-
by-step guide on next pages)

Businesses are welcoming remote workers now
more than ever

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1. Dropshipping

“Coronavirus fears may drive U.S. ecommerce sales beyond 2020 projections.” – Shelley E. Kohan,
Business Strategist Professor

How does drop shipping work?

How to Start Drop Shipping:

Step 1: Use Shopify to build your ecommerce website. No coding required, service is free for 90
days, no credit card required.

Step 2: Use the easy install Oberlo extension available in Shopify to find products to add to your
store in seconds.

Step 3: Once your ecommerce store is set up with great products, it’s time to market your
store to generate sales. There are many ways to market your ecommerce store. Some of the top
marketing vehicles include Facebook advertisement, Instagram, and working with Influencers.

Here’s a graphic highlighting the 10 fastest-growing products and the 10 fastest declining
products made by Visual Capitalist.

2. Online Tutoring and Teaching

Surge on Google for the search term “online tutoring.”

Consider teaching and tutoring online if you need money now. There are a lot of thing you can
teach that are on demand. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Cooking
  • Nutrition
  • English
  • Singing Lessons
  • Music Production
  • Weight Loss

How to Start an Online Teaching Business:

Step 1: Decide what you are teaching. Note that you don’t need to be at the top of your field to
teach. Just match your level to what you are teaching and that will help build you your niche.

Step 2: Sign up to an online teaching platform. Here are some platforms you can start with.


3. Start a Freelancing Career
Surge on Google for the search term “remote workers”.

If you need money fast, consider freelancing. Here are some ideas of services you can provide:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Video Post Production
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Services

How to Start your Freelancing Career:

Step 1: Update and re-organize your resume and case studies of past works.

Step 2: Create an online freelancer account with a freelance marketplace such as the following, set
up an online profile, and connect with clients who are in need of freelancer. That’s it!


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