An Interview With Juliana Penaranda Loftus: Producer and Co-director of "Landfill Harmonic" invited to over 300 film festivals worldwide and was licensed by HBO, Vimeo, and Aljazeera.

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Q: If you could share with our audience a little bit of a backstory on your life prior to being a filmmaker?

A:I grew up in a small border town called Cúcuta in Columbia. Since in a very early age I believe I was eleven years old, I found my calling after watching this film called “The Goonies”. I watched the film and coming from a small city and being exposed to so much in that film to a new world U.S. kids discovering a treasure, I was fascinated by it and at that point, I said I want to do what they are doing, I wanna take people to other places like transported to this new world, and since that moment I knew that I wanted to tell stories and I knew that I wanted to be a filmmaker.

Q: Was there anything that you wish you could’ve known prior to really going deep into becoming a filmmaker?

A: You think when you hear that you know somebody’s a film director it sounds like very glamorous, and there is a lot of hard work that you need to be ready to take on and just be open-minded in knowing that you’re not gonna be a film director right away and that you have to go through the steps and that’s actually even gonna make you better, you know better as a professional, better when you are a director, In my case, I became a producer first. It was I should say was a long road.

Q: What would you consider your highlight, your shining moment in your career?

A: My shining moment is seeing the theatre full of people. Like ready to see your film and when you see in their faces that the story works, it’s like wow, it really happened and all the efforts are here and this is why you are a filmmaker. So one of my proudest moments was the screening of Landfill Harmonic at the Chinese Theatre through the AFI film festival. 

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Producer And Co-Director Of “Landfill Harmonic”

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